Focus on your patients
not your insurance claims.

We want your dental practice to be successful. Our team secures 98-99% of insurance billing.


Keeping up with your insurance AR and collecting late or missed claims can be a headache. Our experts at Innovative Dental Practice Solutions have 45+ years of experience working with all fields of dentistry and become an extension of your team.

As advocates for your practice, you can trust us to streamline your claims, build a quality relationship, and get money flowing back to your bottom line.

No more avoiding your insurance claims.


Many of our clients were unsure of outsourcing their insurance claims or weren’t even aware this option existed. We work hand-in-hand with your team and provide a monthly insurance AR analysis keeping you in the know every step of the way.
We free your time and take away your headaches


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Often, we find claims were never sent or posted to the patient record.

We take a proactive approach to this concern. We will speak with your insurance company and get the claims posted as quickly as possible. When you partner with ID Practice Solutions, we start by looking at your insurance AR report, identifying when claims were submitted and drawing focus to any claim that is 30 days old.

This can be a result of a few different factors. Most often, your rates probably have not been negotiated in a while.

If that’s the case, we recommend sitting down together to determine which insurance companies are the best fit for you and which carriers your patients use. We’ll do an assessment together, help you connect with each insurance company, and negotiate rates that are better for you.

We are confident in our quality, which is why we don’t feel it is necessary to tie you into a long contract. Our agreements are month-to-month.

Our services are a flat investment, with no hidden fees. This way, you will always be

aware of your costs. You can see our exact fees ​here.​

That’s the beauty of working with Innovative Dental Practice Solutions. With us, you don’t have the added cost of providing benefits, we save you money on payroll expenses, and we are still working even when you’re away. Not only are we more affordable than hiring someone, but you’ll also see an increase in your bottom line when you outsource with us.

Even though we aren’t sitting in your office, we operate as an extension of your team. Practices work so closely with us, it’s like we are in the office next door.
Did we mention? We’re also a tax write-off.

Dealing with insurance companies can be tedious and sometimes difficult. It’s not for everyone, which is why outsourcing makes sense.

At Innovative Dental Practice Solutions, you get a team of people to support you. With multiple experts on our staff, you never have to worry about turnover, vacation days, paid time off, etc.

There is nothing more important than our relationship with you. We want to establish trust and a personal rapport with each dentist (and their team) so we can provide outstanding service and maintain our distinguished reputation.

The process is easy:

  1. Schedule your complimentary consultation with us. ​During this conversation, we’ll talk about the issues you are experiencing and how we can help you.
  2. Grant us access to your PMS database ​so we can begin researching your accounts.
  3. We’ll introduce ourselves to your team via a phone call.​ Employees can sometimes have concerns about how outsourcing will impact them. We’ll answer all of their questions and put them at ease.
  4. We’ll get to work!

Every practice experiences different challenges; however, you should start seeing positive results in two to three months.

Trustworthy claims solutions without the stress

Our services apply to any dental specialty nationwide and capture 98-99% of your insurance billing. We take pride in providing high-quality service, allowing you to focus on your patients and grow your practice. Our tried-and-true procedures do the hard work for billing, without the added headaches.


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